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Modern History

Another hundred years of original Borromeaum's history passed during which the building was occupied in particular by the Imperial-Royal Post Office, initially as a tenant of the church, later on as the building owner. The house used to be known in Hradec Králové as the "Old Post Office" and its ground floor was used by the post office, underground floors served as offices of various businesses and also for housing purposes. It would not be an exaggeration to say that without proper maintenance, the house survived only thanks to its original massive construction.

In 2004, a private company bought the building from the city of Hradec Králové. Immediately after the sale and necessary treatment of cellars, loft premises and unused areas, the new owner approached an extensive and costly repair and renovation of a part of the building. In mid-2005, following the renovation works, the building ground floor was opened and it has been used mostly for gastronomic purposes. In the second half of 2006, renovation and modernization of the whole north inside part of the building took place, preserving most of its original layouts.

In 2010 and 2011, another extensive renovation took place which covered extension of housing capacity, new roofs, exterior facades, lift erection and artistic restoration of sculptural decorations. Completion of its intensive renovation lasting several years gives Boromeum, these days called "Boromeum Residence“ back not just its old name but also the possibility to use forty modern furnished apartments. Hradec Králové can thereby make modern use of one of its historical landmarks.

About Boromeum – Modern History

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About Boromeum
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Boromeum Residence – a pleasant place in the historical locality of Hradce Králové that will add the right contentment to your stay whether you stay in our hotel for a day or week or whether you choose to rent a flat perhaps for a whole year.
Pleasant accommodation in 40 modern furnished apartments in the centre of Hradec Králové, in a listed building with rich history.  

Hotel accommodation in the centre of Hradec Králové
Boromeum Residence Hotel offers accommodation in well-appointed and modern furnished apartments in the historical part of the centre of Hradec Králové, 100 m far from Velké náměstí. We offer accommodation in 3 types  of single-bed to four-bed apartments. You can stay in the hotel for just one day or for as long as you wish. Longer stays are offered at a reduced price.

Flats for rent in the centre of Hradec Králové
Boromeum Residence offers well-appointed and modern furnished flats (apartments) for rent in the historical part of the centre of Hradec Králové, 100 m far from Velké náměstí. We rent out 3 types of one-room or two-room flats. We offer long-term renting for the term of several months or unlimited period of time.

We will be happy to show you around our building or answer your queries. Come and see for yourselves the sensitive and tasteful renovation of one of the largest buildings in the old town of Hradec Králové.

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