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About Boromeum – Introduction to the Building History

In Hradec Králové there are 2 buildings named Boromeum, that is the original Borromaeum in the old town in Špitálská street and the new one situated on River Orlice Waterfront. Both buildings were originally used as residence halls for gymnasium students who were preparing themselves for further studies in seminary. The older one was opened in 1860, the newer one in 1902 as a substitute for its no-longer suitable predecessor.

These days both buildings are used for a different purpose. The older one had many owners in past and after its careful renovation lasting several years, it is used as Boromeum Residence, i.e. as residence housing combined with hotel operation, with its own restaurant, café and wine bar. The newer one is used for pedagogic purposes – Bohuslav Balbín Episcopal Gymnasium.

Boromeum History Time Axis

  • 1850 – Fund-raising campaign for Boromeum construction started
  • 1855 – House No. 183 was bought
  • 1857 – Houses No. 184, 192 were bought
  • 1858 – Houses No. 183, 184, 192 were demolished and building foundation stone laid
  • 1860 – Borromeaum boy's seminary was opened
  • 1912 – The building was transferred under management of Imperial-Royal Austrian Post Office
  • 2004 – The building was bought by the company Špitálská s.r.o. and stage 1 of its renovation started
  • 2006 – Stage 1 of renovation was completed and the building was opened under the name Boromeum Residence
  • 2010 – Stage 2 of the building renovation started while its current operation continued
  • 2012 – Full operation of Boromeum Residence started

About Boromeum – Introduction to the Building History

01. Historie - Boromeum residence02. Historie - pošta Hradec Králové03. Interier - Boromeum Hradec Králové
04. Bílá věž05. Chrám sv.Ducha06. Hradec Králové - staré město
07. kašna Velké náměstí v Hradci Králové08. Malé náměstí09. Morový sloup
10. Morový sloup11. Staré náměstí v Hradci Králové12. Radnice v Hradci Králové
13. Staré město v Hradci Králové14. Staré město v Hradci Králové15. Velké náměstí v Hradci Králové
16. Velké náměstí v Hradci Králové17. Ferdinad dobrotivý18. Karel Boromejský
19. Maria Anna Pia20. Papež Pius IV
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