Flats for Rent in the Centre of Hradec Králové

Boromeum Residence offers furnished apartments (flats) for long-term rent in the historical part of the centre of Hradec Králové, 100 m far from Velkého náměstí. We rent out 3 types of one-room or two-room apartments. We offer long-term renting with a contract for an indefinite period of time, however for the minimum of 1 year. Should you wish to rent a flat for a shorter period of time, please contact us – we will prepare an interesting individual offer for you.

All apartments are equipped so that they meet requirements on long-term renting. As standard, apartments are equipped with a kitchen and basic furniture (tables, chairs, bed, chest of drawers...). Nevertheless, we can provide complete equipment of the apartment, i.e. TV set, bed linen, dishes etc. The equipment is specified below and its scope may be modified by prior arrangement.

There is a bathroom with a toilet in each apartment (a bath or a shower enclosure – depending on the apartment type). High speed internet is available  in each apartment. Satellite signal is received from satellites ASTRA 1 and HOTBIRD 13.

In our building, you can also use our laundry room with washing machines and driers. There is a place for bicycle storage available. We offer our clients help with parking in the old town or in a parking house. Boromeum Residence is a non-smoking building, area for smokers is located in the courtyard.

Among our clients, there are firms, individuals, couples or families, domestic as well as from abroad, looking for comfortable accommodation in the centre of Hradec Králové. Companies very often use our apartments to accommodate their employees or business partners. We are able to provide our clients with full-range hotel service incl. cleaning, key handover or luggage storage when persons are changing during a week etc. Renting out a flat that is to be used as an office is not an exception either.

The building of Boromeum Residence has been completely renovated and in total it offers 40 apartments for short-term hotel accommodation or for long-term flat rental.

We try hard to provide cosy and peaceful housing to our guests' satisfaction. Our motivation and reward is complete satisfaction of clients staying in our place.

We offer the following types of flats for rent:

    • Small one-room apartment
    • Midsized one-room apartment
    • Large one-room apartment
    • LARGE two-room apartment without high sleeping deck
    • LARGE two-room apartment with high sleeping deck

Equipment included in the basic price of apartment:

  • kitchen unit incl. sink, cooker hood (except for the two smallest apartments) and cooktop
  • refrigerator
  • microwave oven
  • wardrobe
  • dining table + chairs
  • coffee table
  • sofa
  • double bed incl. mattresses
  • chest of drawers under TV set
  • pictures
  • curtains

Equipment for extra fee:

  • TV set
  • electric kettle
  • dinner set (set of pots, set of plates, mugs, glasses, cutlery, other utensils)
  • bed linen, towels
  • other small equipment of the apartment (waste bins, toilet set…)

Apartment cleaning and bed linen changing once a week or every fortnight can be provided for extra fee.


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Boromeum Residence – a pleasant place in the historical locality of Hradce Králové that will add the right contentment to your stay whether you stay in our hotel for a day or week or whether you choose to rent a flat perhaps for a whole year.
Pleasant accommodation in 40 modern furnished apartments in the centre of Hradec Králové, in a listed building with rich history.  

Hotel accommodation in the centre of Hradec Králové
Boromeum Residence Hotel offers accommodation in well-appointed and modern furnished apartments in the historical part of the centre of Hradec Králové, 100 m far from Velké náměstí. We offer accommodation in 3 types  of single-bed to four-bed apartments. You can stay in the hotel for just one day or for as long as you wish. Longer stays are offered at a reduced price.

Flats for rent in the centre of Hradec Králové
Boromeum Residence offers well-appointed and modern furnished flats (apartments) for rent in the historical part of the centre of Hradec Králové, 100 m far from Velké náměstí. We rent out 3 types of one-room or two-room flats. We offer long-term renting for the term of several months or unlimited period of time.

We will be happy to show you around our building or answer your queries. Come and see for yourselves the sensitive and tasteful renovation of one of the largest buildings in the old town of Hradec Králové.

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