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Boromeum Residence offers furnished apartments (flats) for long-term rent in the historical part of the centre of Hradec Králové, 100 m far from 100 m Velké náměstí. We rent out 3 types of one-room or two-room apartments.

We offer the following apartment types for long-term rent: One-room apartment (for 1-2 persons), STANDARD two-room apartment (for 1-4 persons) and LARGE two-room apartment (for 1-4 persons). The apartments differ in size, number of staying persons and equipment.

In case of long-term flat renting, it is possible to use the following services:

Apartment Maintenance

Price of a rented flat includes 100% servicing of any equipment. If you need to have a blown bulb replaced or if something gets broken or is out of order, please report it and we will try hard to put it right as soon as possible – depending on the nature of such repair and our capacities.

Apartment Cleaning

At the beginning of your tenancy, we will hand over a completely cleaned apartment to you. We expect you to give the apartment back in the same condition at the end of your tenancy. If your don’t feel like doing the final cleaning, we can arrange it for a consideration. 

During your tenancy, we can arrange complete cleaning in regular intervals on your request, either once a week or once a fortnight. Cleaning can be arranged also in other intervals or a non-scheduled overall cleaning can be provided any time during your tenancy or at the end of your tenancy (those services are subject to a charge).

Cleaning of common area, i.e. corridors, staircase, lift and laundry room is carried out regularly at least twice a week.


The rent includes consumed utilities, i.e. cold water, hot water, heating and electricity. Utilities are included as separate lump-sum amounts in the monthly rent invoice. Consumption of cold water, hot water and electricity is calculated on the basis of anticipated average according to the number of persons. Consumption of heating is calculated according to the floor area of the apartment.

Heating is automatic in the whole building and it is regulated according to the outside temperature. The system is set so that the temperature in all rooms is at least 22°C. Thermostatic valves for temperature regulation are fastened to radiators. In case of excessive consumption of utilities (water, electricity) we reserve the right to render an additional account thereof upon tenancy termination or annual settlement.

Laundry Washing

On the 3rd floor of Boromeum Residence, there is a room with 5 washing machines and 5 dryers for all guests. You will find manuals for these appliances in this room too. Our guests can use the laundry free of charge. Should you wish to have your laundry washed, we can provide this service for a consideration.


High speed internet is provided in the whole Boromeum Residence. You can get connected by standard LAN cable too. Wi-Fi connection is available in some apartments.

Satellite Reception

Satellite signal reception is arranged from satellites ASTRA 1 and HOTBIRD 13.

Accommodating Guests

Should you have any guests coming to see you, you can accommodate them in your rented apartment. If you want them to stay in another apartment, please contact us and we will prepare a special offer of a short-term hotel accommodation for your family or friends in our building.

Waste Disposal

There are several dustbins for household waste in the courtyard of our building. We support ecologic waste disposal and waste separation and therefore any waste is separated as common household waste, plastic, glass and paper. We will appreciate your not being indifferent to our environment and joining us in our support of ecologic waste separation in our building.

Camera System

We have a recording camera system installed in the common area of our hotel, exclusively for safety reasons. If necessary (theft, vandalism etc.), it is possible to find recordings needed and pass them to investigative, prosecuting and adjudicating bodies.


Should you wish a breakfast, you can order this service for CZK 130/person. We serve breakfast in the neighbouring building in the form of rich continental breakfast with home-made fresh bakery products. Breakfast is served from 07:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. (from 08:00 to 11:00 a.m. on weekends).

Café, Wine Bar

Non-smoking café and wine bar (Café Vino Boromeum) is located on the ground floor of our building. In its unique premises, we can offer you a large range of coffee, Moravian wines, desserts and other delicacies. We regularly organize degustation of coffee, chocolate, wine, beer, whiskey, rum, grappa and cheese. We can also rent out a separate lounge or the whole premises.


Indian Restaurant Everest is located on the ground floor of our building. In this restaurant you can try authentic Indian and Nepalese cuisine. Experienced cooks from Nepal with long-term experience in top Indian gastronomy and trained in prestigious restaurants in Indian Dilli will cook for you.

Lounge for Rent

In our non-residential premises, we can rent out the lounge or the whole café and arrange catering or organize a reception for you as requested.
Capacity of the separate lounge is 30 persons, maximum capacity of the whole café is 70 persons.


We offer help to our long-staying clients with arrangement of a residential parking place in the old town. Parking is possible either in the side streets, on Velké náměstí or in parking house RegioCentrum – everything depends of administrator's free capacity.

Bicycle and Pram Storage

Prams and bicycles can be stored in a separately lockable room on the ground floor.

Post Boxes

At the beginning of his tenancy, a post box (should he wish one) and a bell push (electronic entry system) will be arranged for each tenant. The tenant will receive a post box key during handover of his flat. In case of large postal items or parcels, we will accept them in our office and deliver them to you later on.

Other Services

In case you are a stranger in Hradec Králové and want some advice on where to find or arrange things, turn to our office – we will be happy to give advice or help. We can also place city maps and other promotion materials for the city and county at your disposal. You can find interesting tourist attractions, historical information and other no less interesting and inspiring narration therein.


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Boromeum Residence – a pleasant place in the historical locality of Hradce Králové that will add the right contentment to your stay whether you stay in our hotel for a day or week or whether you choose to rent a flat perhaps for a whole year.
Pleasant accommodation in 40 modern furnished apartments in the centre of Hradec Králové, in a listed building with rich history.  

Hotel accommodation in the centre of Hradec Králové
Boromeum Residence Hotel offers accommodation in well-appointed and modern furnished apartments in the historical part of the centre of Hradec Králové, 100 m far from Velké náměstí. We offer accommodation in 3 types  of single-bed to four-bed apartments. You can stay in the hotel for just one day or for as long as you wish. Longer stays are offered at a reduced price.

Flats for rent in the centre of Hradec Králové
Boromeum Residence offers well-appointed and modern furnished flats (apartments) for rent in the historical part of the centre of Hradec Králové, 100 m far from Velké náměstí. We rent out 3 types of one-room or two-room flats. We offer long-term renting for the term of several months or unlimited period of time.

We will be happy to show you around our building or answer your queries. Come and see for yourselves the sensitive and tasteful renovation of one of the largest buildings in the old town of Hradec Králové.

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